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Vayulo is a Company with 3 Decades of Successful Experience which takes major Part in Producing Renewable Energy.

We have constantly innovated in the major infrastructure projects contribute to improving the world for current and future generations, encouraging a balance between man and nature. We play a fundamental role in the economic and social development of people, territories and cities

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Vayulo Energy Private Limited is India’s strongest Independent Service Provider for wind turbines . Assured that we help you get the best possible yield forever. We protect your assets and keep your wind turbines Operation and no other Independent Service Provider in the wind industry is able to match our experience and dedication in service.

VayuloService Solutions

Vayulo Services

Vayulo has extensive experience recommending clients, associations and the corporate world. After 30 years of collaboration with a wide number of corporate and association clients we want to leverage this knowledge and expertise by providing a customized consulting service. With a deep understanding of our client’s needs, values, mission and culture, we are perfectly placed to help them identify their goals and put in place the most effective plan and actions to achieve them.

We offer customized consultancy to respond to clients most critical issues, challenges and opportunities including


Health, Safety & Environmental

Wind turbine safety is paramount to Vayulo and our focus on safety is one of our main strengths in the marketplace. Our sound approach to safety ensures our Engineers can commence work immediately at any wind farm site.

Raising Standards

Rest assured, we maintain the highest level of safety with committed Engineers who possess the highest GWO training standards. We never stop innovating enabling us to continuously improve our service and solutions - advancing technology and extending the life of our client’s assets.


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Stepping into 3rd Year of Incredible Success
Once Again, Thank you for your Trust, Loyalty and support towards us.